• Introducing Pickbee

    Connecting you to every market place.

    • Live market
    • Restaurant
    • Theater
  • Introducing Pickbee

    Connecting people to help each other.

    • Two parts of application
    • 1) Make a request
    • OR
    • 2) Make a delivery


Make A Request

Select category, Add a place from where do you need the item and where do you need it, Describe product, upload product image and write approximate price.

My Request

You can see the status of your request, cancel your request and all the details you filled along with recommended shops you have selected(if any).

My Chat

You can chat with the person who has accepted your request. You can also cancel your request request from chat window.


Make A Delivery

Fill out Where are you and Where you are headed to. You also have an option of Go with your previous location

All Request

See all request according to the destination you are headed to. Filter according to category. Swipte Right to accept and Left to decline a request.

Accepted Request

You have the option of report, cancel and deliverd. You can also see the details of the request you have accepted.



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