Privacy and Data Protection Policy

By entering your personal data, you give your consent to its incorporation on a data file belonging to Pickbee, S.L. (hereinafter, "Pickbee"), with registered address at Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi, India. If you do not accept the terms of this policy, please do not provide your personal data to Pickbee. This policy is incorporated on the Pickbee's Terms and Conditions that govern the use and access to the Service offered by Pickbee (hereinafter, "Pickbee Service" or "Service") and, in particular, the use and access to the APP and the web site of Pickbee.
We recommend that you re-read this policy from time to time, to keep up to date with its contents, including any modifications that may be introduced. By accessing to the APP and/or the web site after any changes, alterations or updates in this policy you implicitly accept the new conditions.

In the event that the User has an interest in accessing and participating in the Service he/she must fill out the forms requesting personal data or comply with the requirement of other means of gaining access to the Service.
Pickbee informs that it does not carry out verifications on the veracity of the data. For this reason, Pickbee will consider, in each case, that the data supplied by the User are truthful, whether truthful or not.
Pickbee requests any User whose personal data changes to communicate the modifications, in order to keep the User's personal data up to date.

When a person creates an User account to log in the Pickbee's APP by filling in the registration form, the User accepts the conditions of this policy (thereby declaring that he/she has been freely, consciously, expressly and fully informed) and accepts that the data will be incorporated into the data file created by Pickbee.
The purpose of the processing of personal data by Pickbee is to send products from one place to another by means of the Users registered in the APP, without Pickbee participating in any way other than providing the platform through which those Users may contact for the performance of such transportation, as outlined in more detail in the Pickbee Terms & Conditions
Likewise, the above mentioned processing of personal data may also have other purposes, including the sending of commercial information via e-mail or equivalent electronic communications, or by non-electronic means, the payment between the APP's Users, maintenance and management of the relationship with Users and to notify any modification made in our Service; as well as for any other purposes related to information requirements, investigation, statistics activities, performance of promotional activities. Please note that the sending of the commercial communications will only be carried out with your previous and express authorization.
If the User subsequently wishes to revoke his/her consent to receiving commercial communications via e-mail or any other similar or equivalent means, he/she may do so by accessing the appropriate link included in each commercial communication. This does not affect the User’s rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition concerning personal data, and said rights may be exercised according to the terms of this policy.
Users who wish to may also provide additional data in certain sections of the APP. The provision of said data is exclusively the User’s decision. Nevertheless, Pickbee recommends that Users do not provide more information than is necessary for the purposes for which they use the services.

Pickbee may cede or communicate data, according to the applicable law, to comply with its obligations to public administrative bodies when required to do so by the law in force, and, when required, to other bodies such as the State security forces and the justice system.
If the User does not agree with the cession of data as described above, he/she should abstain from participating in the Service.

Pickbee advises the User that it is only responsible for, and only guarantees the confidentiality, security and treatment of data according to the terms of this policy in the case of personal data provided by the User via the Pickbee's APP, and bears no responsibility whatsoever for the treatment and subsequent use of personal data by the Pickbee's third-party service providers who may collect said data in the course of their provision of services or of their activity.
In addition, Pickbee accepts no responsibility for data processing by third parties that set up hyperlinks to the Pickbee's APP or web site, nor by third parties to which Pickbee remits Users via hyperlinks in the Pickbee's APP or web site.
The User accepts and consents to his/her data being processed by entities located in New Delhi, acting as the Pickbee's data processors. These companies have obtained the Privacy Shield certificate.

Pickbee advises Users that, except in the case of legally constituted and accredited representation, no User may use another person’s identity or provide another person’s personal data; Users may only provide their own personal data and this must be suitable, pertinent, up to date, exact and truthful. In this regard, the User is exclusively responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused to third parties or to Pickbee by his/her use of another person’s personal data or by providing false, erroneous, out of date or inappropriate data. Similarly, a User who provides personal data of a third person is obliged to inform the latter according to the applicable law, which deals with cases in which data is not obtained from the person him/herself, and/or of the consequences of not informing this person or not obtaining his/her consent. Should a User decide voluntarily to provide personal data of another person to Pickbee (for example, an e-mail address, name or telephone number) with the intention of remitting or recommending the Pickbee's APP, the User undertakes to first inform the other person of the intention of providing his/her data to Pickbee and to obtain that person’s consent to the processing of said data and the transmission of communications according to current legislation, failing which, the User is solely responsible.

The User is the only source of personal data, and Pickbee recommends that, in order to maintain the data up to date at all times, according to the principles of the applicable law, the User should communicate any modifications in the personal data via the following address: Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi India, or by selecting the corresponding option in the “Contact us” section of the APP

Pickbee informs Users that they have the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of their personal data by means of a signed written request addressed to the following address: Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi India. To this end, the User should send said written request, indicating the right he/she wishes to exercise, his/her name and surname, and the address to which the replies should be sent, accompanied by a copy of his/her Identity Card or other valid document as proof of identity (photocopy of passport). In the case of a representative, the right of representation must be demonstrated by a valid document. Users may also exercise their rights by sending a photocopy of both sides of their Identity Card (or of their passport) to the following email

The User has the right to oppose the use of his/her data for promotional purposes via the transmission of commercial messages, and to revoke at any time the consent granted for this purpose by simply notifying Pickbee that he/she does not wish to continue receiving commercial messages, without this affecting the User’s right to opposition. Users may communicate their opposition in the manner indicated in each commercial message.

Pickbee informs Users that “cookies” may be used when a User accesses the APP. More information regarding our use of “cookies” may be found here

With regard to any personal data that is published in the Pickbee'S APP, we inform Users that this data is part of one data file that belong to and are the responsibility of Pickbee, and they may not be freely processed or reproduced by other Users of the APP unless authorization and informed consent has previously been obtained from the person in question.
Personal data published in Pickbee's APP or web site may consist of any information on any support that concerns physically-identifiable persons, such as a name, surname, IP address, address, post code, e-mail address, photographs or any other information. Consequently, any personal data may only be used by the User of the APP in order to participate in the service in the way established in the usage policies of the APP and in the Privacy Policy, for personal purposes and within the framework of current legislation, with no lucrative or commercial objectives of any nature. Any other uses, apart from those indicated above, are expressly forbidden, including the incorporation of images or data into files or processes, and/or the creation of data bases containing personal data and/or sending publicity or cessions to third parties, without the prior informed consent of the corresponding User. Pickbee shall bear no responsibility for the use of personal data that other Users of the APP may make in violation of this policy.
Where Member uses the Pickbee's APP he/she may not:
Publish information, comments or suggestions that may incite or promote violent, intolerance, racism, mistreatment, hatred, threats, physical or psychical harm, sexual or other harassment or any other actions contrary to Law and/or Public order; Post information, comments or suggestions that are false or misleading, hurtful, demeaning, threatening, offensive, abusive, obscene, defamatory; Use information published by other Members without respecting the intellectual property rights of their legitimate owners; Impersonate the personality of a third party (pretend to be someone else, use the account, username, or password of another use). Neither can the password be given to a third parson nor allow a third person to access the user's account.
Users may only publish information or images belonging to them, and are personally responsible for these. When the information or images affect other persons, the prior express consent of these persons must have been obtained.

The Members grant their express consent and authorization in accordance with the applicable law, to Pickbee to use their personal image and name for the provision of the Services and for the reproduction, distribution and public communication throughout mass media, press, internet and any other communication media, including but not limited to the APP. The Member understands that every person who accesses those platforms can visualize the content in which the images assigned on this authorization were included.
The Members specifically authorize the processing of their personal data and the transfer and use of your image rights in the terms included in this Conditions and the Privacy Policy.